Our kitchen was over 25 years old, with terribly arranged (and small) cabinet space, outdated cabinetry, awful lighting, plumbing that couldn't extend for upgrades, and a reddish wood floor that was difficult to match.
Scott at Imagine completed a total design opening up tons of new and easily used storage, along with a fantastic look. We wound up expanding everything, and got a good deal with a free Super Susan and 15% off on top-of-the-line Waypoint cabinetry.
Lighting, plumbing, cabinet installation, backsplash--Scott arranged it all, and kept it well within budget (we wound up adding several aspects with the money we saved). All the contractors were good people completing quality work, and Scott was our one contact point for any questions. It was super simple.
The results? Well, everyone gets compliments when re-doing their kitchen, but people have really gushed over ours. The color tie-ins, the use of space, the terrific lighting, the carefully balanced cabinet placement for symmetry--my wife wound up spending nearly about 45 minutes walking some friends through every feature (weird, I know, but they insisted).
This probably sounds like it was written by someone connected to Imagine, but we barely knew them before this (we'd bought a couple bathroom cabinets there before).
Do I recommend Imagine? Absolutely.

Andrew P.